The first step to start a close collaboration is sharing the experiences. For this purpose, Agilux places importance to meet companies in order to establish a first contact and to build a lasting relationship based on trust. Following the first discussions, Agilux lavishes some advices with the aim to orient your choices towards the most appropiated IT solutions. The goal of this phase consists in writing a global review of the current situation and proposing some guidelines to improve your processes.



The second step consists in understanding the way you apply your working methods and your business processes in order to accurately meet your needs. The analysis will lead to a detailed list of your specific needs. For this purpose, Agilux analyses every aspect of your business, documents your process and suggests IT solution to ease your daily tasks. The final result of this analysis takes the form of a functional specifications document that will be structured, completed and detailed over the discussions.



The third step consists in integrating the suitable solutions into your IT environment. For this end, Agilux is certified for the integration of ERP software (Mercator) and WEB solutions (nopCommerce). Agilux has many certifications and has advanced skills in order to provide the tool that will perfectly satisfy your needs. The integration phase includes the installation of the chosen solutions, their setup and the support for devices such as payment terminals, scanners or printers.



The fourth step aims to implement custom made modules into your solutions previously integrated. In case the standard setup of the software distributed by Agilux does not reach your needs, it would be possible to develop features to fill the encountered gaps. Every solution can be imagined and could be implemented in order the make your company better. Agilux has the necessary skills to develop the suitable solutions that will satisfy the requirements of your business.



The fifth step aims to teach you the necessary knowledge to master the software provided by Agilux. Due to the complexity of some workflows, it would be important to put them into practice in your IT system. As the creator of your IT solutions, Agilux is able to explain to you how to make the best of your tools. These trainings will always keep your pace and your needs. Moreover, Agilux remains at your disposal to answer to your one-off questions.




The sixth and last step concerns the follow-up of your apps. Due to the high volatility of the IT, a company is never preserved from a blocking situation that would need a technical intervention. Agilux provides the support of the softwares and custom-made developments working on your IT environment. A support request can be sent by form, e-mail or phone in case of urgent issues. Agilux commits to solve your issues as soon as possible.